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Precision Diagnosis, Classification & Advanced Treatment

Why Anthology Diagnostics

Why Anthology Diagnostics

Anthology Diagnostics is a Molecular Focused Laboratory

By focusing on the genes and tests relevant to oncology, Anthology Diagnostics can offer a practical, cost-effective, and efficient molecular profiling and analysis solution for patients and physicians. Although Anthology Diagnostics is currently focused on cancer only, the lab hopes to expand testing to include other diseases in the future.

Cancer is a complex disease requiring comprehensive answers. Only a comprehensive answer will allow medical professionals to make the highest quality care decisions for their patients.  At Anthology Diagnostics we analyze both DNA and RNA which gives the best possible answers based on our current knowledge.


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Most labs have hundred of tests that offer small snippets of insights about the individual patient’s tumor.  Physicians frequently then are faced with the challenge of piecing together those insights to the best of their ability.  A comprehensive test provides the best possible overview of all of the individual characteristics of a patient’s cancer, enabling the clinician to determine the very best treatment option for the patient the first time with one test.

Unlike many other labs, Anthology Diagnostics’ test menu is simple consisting of a handful of tests for both solid and hematologic cancers. These tests provide comprehensive answers utilizing next generation sequencing which gives detailed insight into what is driving the cancer. Our testing is always being updated incorporating new information as it becomes clinically relevant.

How does the Anthology Diagnostics Laboratory differ from others in the market?

Unlike other labs that only analyze DNA or focus on the whole genome, Anthology Diagnostics performs next-generation genetic sequencing of DNA and RNA that relevant to oncology — providing a complete picture of the biology that drives cancer in a practical, efficient, and cost-effective way.
Combining Anthology Diagnostics’ advanced testing and sequencing technology with high-quality algorithms, AI-based software, and expert interpretation of results allows Anthology Diagnostics to provide a detailed assessment of each patient’s condition by:

  • Confirming a diagnosis and understanding the molecular subtype of a cancer — not just what it looks like under a microscope.
  • Identifying drivers of cancer growth, including genetic mutations and structural abnormalities, such as chromosomal translocations or fusions, that may guide the choice of targeted cancer therapies — promoting a precision medicine approach that may not only help in the selection of the most effective therapies, but avoid the use of less effective treatments. RNA profiling also yields more information than DNA sequencing if multiple molecular pathways are driving a cancer’s growth, enabling clinicians to take aim at the cancer from a variety of angles by using a combination of targeted therapies.
  • Understanding the aggressiveness of a patient’s cancer so doctors know how intensively they need to treat it, or if it needs to be treated at all (some can just be monitored).
  • Predicting a patient’s prognosis and generating volumes of data on patient outcomes.
  • Monitoring response to therapy, allowing physicians to change to a different treatment if genomic testing shows another approach is not working.
  • Detecting signs of relapse earlier, before it can be seen on an imaging exam or causes symptoms.
  • Refining the selection of patients for clinical trials that require participants to have certain molecular features in their cancers.

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Solid Tumors

DNA & RNA Testing

Available Tests

Solid Tumor Profile
Solid Tumor Fusion / Expression Profile
Solid Tumor Profile Plus
Solid Tumor Monitoring

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Hematologic Tumors

DNA & RNA Testing

Available Tests

Hematology Profile
Liquid Biopsy Hematology Profile
Hematology Fusion/Expression Profile
Hematology Profile Plus

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