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Precision Diagnosis, Classification & Advanced Treatment


Working Together

The Cooperative Model of Anthology Diagnostics and Genomic Testing Cooperative

Anthology Diagnostics is the first lab to utilize GTC’s cooperative business model to internalize their NGS testing for oncology. Anthology Diagnostics was opened with the vision of providing comprehensive genomic profiling to the Hackensack Meridian Health cancer patient population; and to serve physicians and labs within the greater NJ area. 

The cooperative business model allows labs to share resources, best practices, data and help each other with publications studies. The goal is to provide a more collaborative business model, drive down the cost of testing and improve quality/standardization of testing. Both labs offer standardized comprehensive genomic profiling covers both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, including a robust liquid biopsy option. 

This Cooperation supports Anthology Diagnostics
to internalize NGS, and provides:

  • Necessary instruments and reagents
  • Reference materials
  • Validations
  • Training
  • SOP’s
  • Medical expertise
  • Research and development
  • Other tools

Anthology Diagnostics Advanced Genomic Testing

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What sets the solution apart is:

  • Next gen sequencing of both DNA and RNA
  • The RNA looks at fusions, gene expression, alternative splicing and clinical prediction
  • AI/Deep learning informatics tools for interpretation
  • Data sharing
  • Joint publication opportunities
  • Purchasing power
  • Medicare coverage

Samples from each lab would have identical results reports with info on detected genomic alterations with reference levels, tumor heterogeneity, expression levels, therapeutic recommendations and clinical trial options.

Patients who undergo testing will be given a precision diagnosis of their disease and subclassification. They will be given the best chance to be matched to a precision medicine based on their tumor’s signature or enrolled in a clinical trial. Most importantly patients will be contributing to the knowledge base of cancer to help everyone who gets a cancer diagnosis.